Create Your Own Social Economy Society

The Massive protocol link reality and virtuality with Social Tokens and NFTs.

Massive protocol Architecture
New De-Fi platform based on NFT creations. Influencer Artist Growth and Development.
A new type of De-Fi service model that combines an economic system for creators and an autonomous and decentralized community of artists. The influencer ecosystem based on blockchain technology has infinite possibilities when Web3 arrives.
AR Exhibition Composition
If try to do an exhibition once, have to rent it at a considerable cost, and due to limited time and accessibility, it may be difficult to achieve results as expected. We want to move that stage to virtual reality that is free of space and cost constraints.
Creator’s Ecosystem
As an independent Defi ecosystem, anyone who creates NFT can participate. It is suitable for Web 3 that contributes activities of all creator’s value and growth to the world.
Creator LAB
Supporting the stage of creative exhibition activities, forming fan groups, and growing into influencer artists.
System designed to train up-and-coming creators such as rookies or students to influencer, provide exhibition space, and form a fan groups, provide momentum to grow into influencer-class artists through community voting, and establish a blockchain technology-based reward system.
MAV's ecosystem consists of MAV teams that operate the platform, creators, communities (fans), and business partners.

MAV Team Members

Dunkun Lee
Head of Project
An authority of Art director and has a high level insight of the creator economy in MAV projects to determine and manage the overall direction of the platform service.
He is the best expert in digital design and video such as character concept artist and VFX Supervisor.
Heo heon
Head of Technology
A expert on Data management. Based on experience in fields that require a high
level of security and reliability, such as
cloud-based confidential document
sharing solutions and smart electronic
contract service based on blockchain, also
responsible for the reliability and stability
of the MAV platform.
Jinny Baek
Head of Global Marketing
In depth understanding of marketing strategy based on various experiences with different international organization and projects. Experience in marketing with a mix of ATL / BTL and ability to create the NFT Arts and Multimedia production. Responsible for global Marketing of The MAV platform.
Choi Jia
Community Manager
She has strong understanding of Blockchain service and social-fi. She is very familiar with social media platforms and has excellent verbal and written communication skills in English and other languages as Community Manager of the MAV platform.
Kim Bom
Experience with web-based content management systems, managing platform page structures. She is working closely with technical and engineering teams with deep passion for technology, digital media content, and the user experience.
Tran Minh Tien
Part Leader of Dapp Architecture Design
An expert on portal system. Based on
experience in establishing and operating
information portal services in various
fields such as leisure, travel, and medical
information. He'll improve the service
quality of MAV platform.
Le Tien Anh
Part Leader of Back-end Dev.
An expert on Back-end service. Based on
experience in developing and operating
back-and-end systems of various portal
services such as golf portal, medical
information portal, and beauty service
portal, he build and operate MAV platform
service stably.
Jeong Ji Won
Part Leader of Front-end Dev.
Front developers with extensive enterprise
service experience. He is a key player in the
marketplace front service of the simple and
convenient MAV platform service.
Hua Truc Ly
Front-end Dev.
Front developers who understand services.
With his experience in building various
portal services, he can complete a creator
fan page that satisfies both of
them(creators and fans).
Pham Van Tan
Chief of Service Strategy
A best promoter who understands
development flow. His has long experience
with enable to complete the MAV platform
service make maximum efficiency through
communication with developers.

Token Distribution

  Massive protocol (MAV)
Based on ERC-20
3,000,000,000 MAV
(Airdrop, Mining)
Refers to the volume used for liquidity mining programs, community activity incentives, staking compensation, governance compensation, etc.
to build a community and grow a creator base.

Airdrop & Mining
Refers to the cost for hardware/software-based operations such as sidechains.

Means of a team member of the Massive protocol.

Lockup - 24M / Unlock evenly - 2Y
& Partnership

Refers to the cost of providing various events and collaborating with creators, brands community partnerships, and business models.

Unlock evenly - 3Y
Means of advisory group of the Massive protocol.

Lockup - 24M / Unlock evenly - 2Y
Initial Liquidity
Refers to the volume of events, airdrops, CEX and DEX exchanges that supply initial liquidity to secure participants and early community supporters for the establishment of the MAV platform of Massive protocol.